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Steve's Head Shed builds only the highest caliber of racing engines. All engines are considered custom engines, featuring precision machine work and the highest quality parts available.

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Complete Engines

Each engine is built one at a time and is carefully modified and assembled with the customer's specific application in mind. This standard applies to every engine, regardless of whether it is a stock class or a full race engine.

While Steve's Head Shed specializes in four-cylinder engines such as the 2000 and 2300 cc Ford and the 1800cc Toyota they can also handle small-block Chevys up to 434 cubic inches displacement.

Ford 2300cc engine

Toyota 1800cc engine
When Steve's Head Shed builds an engine they leave nothing to chance. Every check, test and machining operation that can be done to ensure the reliability of the short block assembly is performed.
Steve's bulletproof short block, coupled with his competition proven cylinder heads and intake manifolds, is a winning combination that is ready to drop into the car and race.

Service after the sale is a hallmark of Steve's Head Shed. His goal is to help you get the most out of your engine.

Ford and Toyota valvetrains

Steve has publications available to help racers realize maximum performance and welcomes both emails and phone calls from those needing information, advice and tuning tips.

To get a better idea of everything Steve's Head Shed does to build race winning engines click here.

Let Steve's Head Shed build your next engine and discover what you've been missing!



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