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Refining air flow through a racing engine is the single most important thing that can be done to increase horsepower and improve performance.

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Cylinder Heads, Intake Manifolds and Carburetor Spacers

The problem is that enhancing engine performance by increasing air flow through an engine is a complicated task. The carburetor, carburetor spacer, restrictor plate (if required), intake manifold, cylinder head, exhaust manifold and tail pipe must all perform as a seamless whole to realize the optimum in induction, combustion and exhaust efficiency.

While all of the above components are important, a properly modified cylinder head is the key to producing race winning horsepower. An example of Steve's work- a ported Ford 2300cc head

One of Steve's unported Ford 2300cc heads However, finding the ideal shape and volume for both the ports and combustion chamber is a complicated, time consuming task.

Porting a cylinder head for peak performance requires the proper tooling, a flow bench, access to an engine dynomometer and, above all, years of knowledge and experience. The same knolwedge and equipment is required to properly modify intake manifolds and carburetor spacers. Given the time, knowledge, experience and tools required to prepare a race winning intake tract, most racers are far better off to have the work done by professionals such as those at Steve's Head Shed.

Steve's Head Shed has everything it takes to produce the highest quality cylinder heads, intake manifolds and carburetor spacers for any type of racing on any size track. Just a few of Steve's winning parts and pieces

While they specialize in heads and manifolds for the Ford 2300cc and Toyota 1800cc engines, they can build a head for most any L4 or V8 engine. Every head, manifold and spacer is regarded as a custom job that will conform to your class rules yet give you the power and acceleration to run up front.

To get a better idea of everything Steve's Head Shed does to build race winning cylinder heads click here.

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