Steve's Head Shed, located in Blacksburg, SC, is your source for anything from carburetor spacers to complete L4 and V8 racing engines.
Owned and operated by Steve Blackwell, Steve's Head Shed is a full service cylinder head and engine shop featuring equipment brand names such as Sunnen, Storm Vulcan, Rottler, Kwik Way, Bridgeport, Super Flow and Blast-It-All.
To get an idea of who Steve Blackwell is and what he has accomplished in his long career be sure to visit Who is Steve Blackwell?
To learn more about what makes Steve's engine components race winners check out Cylinder Heads, Intake Manifolds and Carburetor Spacers. If you are looking for a complete engine, well... go to Complete Engines.
Finally, see What Steve's Customers Say... about him then check out his Links to other people and businesses in the racing industry who's products and services he recommends.
If you are a racer looking for the very best in carburetor spacers, intake manifolds, cylinder heads and complete engine packages then this is where you need to be!
Steve's Head Shed
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