Simple Car Maintenance Tips For Beginners

As a newly minted working adult, buying a new car is a huge deal in this game of life. It’s one of the first major purchases you’ll make as a fully functioning, responsible adult member of society at large.At the same time, owning a car comes with a smorgasbord of responsibilities in its own right — one of which is regularly scheduled maintenance to keep your new vehicle in tip-top condition.Learning how to properly maintain your vehicle is the key to extending its lifetime so that you may get the most, ahem, mileage out of your first car. Here are some simple, DIY car maintenance tips that you may employ today.Note: if your vehicle needs servicing, do not hesitate to seek a trusted mechanic to do the work for you as it will save you the hassle and time to do it yourself.

Check Your Wheels (Tires) Often

This is a habit that you should instil at the beginning of your car ownership journey as checking the wear and tear of your tires (particularly its tread depth and pressure) may help in avoiding a tire blowout.Without sufficient tire tread i.e. friction, your tires will have a tougher time gripping the road while you drive — thereby creating a potentially dangerous scenario for both you and pedestrians. To find out whether your tread is too low, simply place a coin in the tired tread. You may need new tires if the tread is too shallow.Likewise, a simple tire pressure gauge will let you know if you’re underinflating your tires. And if you’re not one to splurge on unnecessary things in life (though we might urge you to make an exception in this case), gas stations typically carry a built-in pressure checker in their air pumps, so no excuses!If you aren’t already aware, the correct tire pressure required for your car’s make and model is usually listed on the side of the car door or in the owner’s manual. You should endeavour to do a pressure check at least once a month or once every so often since underinflation can waste petrol, increase the wear and tear of your tires, as well as lead to blowouts.

Always Perform Fluid Checks

Your car runs on a myriad of fluids so you should definitely spend some time each month to check whether each of these fluids is sufficient. In this case, a monthly oil check or windshield washer fluid check are some of the simple ways to keep your vehicle in performance condition.Review your car’s oil levels by utilising the dipstick. There are various resources online for you to check out if you don’t know what to do. Also, check for oil stains under your vehicle, especially if it has been parked for a while. If you find a stain spot, it may be time to bring your vehicle to a repair shop for a much need servicing.

Inspect Yo’ Batteries

This is a pretty overlooked issue that is often passed over on car maintenance checklists albeit one that is important all the same.Some people are unaware that they have battery issues until the day comes when they really need to get somewhere and their car won’t start. The solution for this conundrum is simple: check your batteries often!There are a few tell-tale signs of battery problems in your car — chief among them are the battery contacts. If they’re coated with a crusty white residue, use a small brush to remove it or ask a professional for help. But if you notice leakage around the terminals, perhaps it’s time to replace the battery altogether, depending on your mechanic’s advice.

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